My work is project based. People either love the desert or avoid it as an incomprehensible space filled with things that can hurt you and nothing that sustains you. I realize, now that the photo of my grandmother standing by a Saguaro cactus was a touchstone of my future. The first time I stepped off the plane in Arizona, I felt at home.

I am curious about how we think about time and place; how human beings move through a time-bound awareness to understand the environment that shapes our experience.

Each one of my projects explores a different angle on the same question: how do we process our relationship to the natural world and what are the consequences of the dissonance between the real and the imagined. 

Photographs connects us to time in a unique way. The moment never changes and can be incorporated into our dreams and imagination whether we believe it's veracity or not.

I like pay attention to things that go unnoticed yet have a story to tell.


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 Unnamed springs, Death Valley

Unnamed springs, Death Valley